The Art of Community with Maya Breuer

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: One of our favorite friends is back! Maya Breuer joins us again as we further explore the art of community. We begin with a quote from the movie, "Your Name":  "They assemble and take shape. They twist, tangle, unravel now and then, break and reconnect. That's what a union is; what time is." We've been really delving into the art of community here and really trying to hone in on exactly what community is and how we can have it, how we can create it, how we can continue with it,  with the changing times and everything. Community is society, it's a fellowship, it's a kind of public spirit and to an embrace, a place of connection, a place where we are not alone, a place of enrichment.  It is a home of safety and protection. It is about being stronger and happier and having the sense of wellbeing. It is about being heard and getting acknowledged and VALUED.  It is about feeling supported, respected, cared for and having this feeling of love for each other. It is about compassion and love.   TRANSCRIPT: Transcript-285 [00:00:00] Maya: [00:00:00] Her mother taught me the way she taught her. Nice. But I w as I got as my mother and I reconnected years later, she taught me special things because she was a terrific cook, but it was my grandmother who led the way. Nice. Yeah. Fawn: [00:00:16] Not you Matt, right. Those ladies did not like anything to do with like the home, Matt: [00:00:24] the day, every single meal. Put it in the oven for 350 for an hour Maya: [00:00:30] now. Oh, was it? Uh, oh no, they just Fawn: [00:00:36] to this day, like Matt has been Matt and I have been together longer than he's been with his family. And to this day he's still traumatized and we can't eat certain things because it makes him remember childhood. So, you know, I'm middle Eastern. So of course there's fresh beets and garlic and onions. And. And, you know, like raw veggies and all kinds of stuff. And he's like, I [00:01:00] can't do that. I can't have the watermelon, I can't have this. I can't have watermelon, Matt: [00:01:04] had nothing to do with my family, but it had to do with your childhood and your stuff stuck on it. But Maya: [00:01:10] you know, it, it really takes a while to get over childhood stuff. I mean, how much longer is it going to take? How much longer is it going to take? Sometimes you never get over it. You know, when I was kid. I grew up with my grandparents and my aunt. And they would do this thing where all the, if, if other people came every other fancy stuff got shared and then like, like I re I like today I can not eat a broken cookie because we, they would go to the market and buy bags of broke. You know, you could buy a bag of broken cookies. I love the Fawn: [00:01:50] Dale Maya: [00:01:51] bakeries and that was for the kids. And then we also had bagged fruit. I can't eat bagged fruit or broken [00:02:00] cookies. Oh Maya. We need, I could eat it, but I'm just, um, what do you call it? I'm rebelling. I must have a whole cookie. I must have a fresh piece of fruit that does not isn't stapled in a bag and at a lower price Fawn: [00:02:16] you deserve, you deserve. A whole cookie. Maya: [00:02:20] I deserve a whole cookie and they, and, um, you know, they were my grandparents. They will lovely. I realized they were just trying to make ends meet, but still, I Fawn: [00:02:30] didn't like it. I wonder about Elle and  Alegra because that's what we do when we go t