Episode 3-11: Superheroes with ProfJeff!

Very Good Music: A VGM Podcast show

Summary: <p>***Disclaimer for those who listen with kids - there are a few bad words and some dirty humor in this episode, especially the blooper reel. It's not a lot, but be forewarned.***</p> <p>Greetings, Gamers! And welcome to the long-awaited (at least for me) Season 3 Finale: Superheroes with ProfJeff! The Professor hosted me at his apartment for the weekend and we finally recorded this episode, which we've been discussing for weeks and are really excited to finally share with you. There are a lot of great (and not so great) superhero games out there, and in this jam-packed episode, we bring you a wide variety of tunes featuring some of your favorite heroes, along with a few you've probably never heard of. Of course, everything follows our number one rule: Everything is Very Good Music.</p> <p>Thanks as always to our amazing patrons and the artists who made our show art and theme song. You can reach out to us one of these ways:</p> <p>Discord: https://discord.gg/qpbXPdCf2N<br> Twitter: @VGMpod and @Shootkapow<br> E-mail: verygoodmusicvgm@gmail.com<br> Voicemail: Anchor.com/vgmvgm. </p> <p>You can also leave us a comment on YouTube and while you're at it, please let us know if you like the video, and subscribe and ring the bell to be notified of future episodes! We look forward to hearing from you!</p> <p><br></p> <p>Tracklist:</p> <p>Game Intro - Silver Surfer - Tim &amp; Geoff Follin - 1990, Software Creations/Arcadia Systems, NES</p> <p>Title/Menu - Superman - Hiroyuki Masuno &amp; Ryu Hasegawa - 1987, Kotobuki/Kemco, NES</p> <p>Main theme - Ultraverse Prime - Tim &amp; Geoff Follin - 1994, Sony/Malibu Interactive, Sega CD</p> <p>Shoutout to electricboogaloo on Discord who informed me that Geoff is the vocalist on this track. For lyrics and fun facts, check out the Retro Pals video on YouTube.</p> <p>Boss (Gorilla Grodd) - Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The Videogame - Jake Kaufman - 2010, WayForward/Warner Interactive, Nintendo DS</p> <p>Final Duel with Joker - The Adventures of Batman &amp; Robin - Konami Kukeiha Club (Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko, Jun Funahashi, Masanari Iwata, Masahiko Kimura, Kayo Fujitani, and Masahiro Ikariko) - 1994, Konami, SNES</p> <p>Train (Stage 6) - X-Men: Mutant Wars - Kazuo Sawa - 2000, Activision/Avid/HAL, Game Boy Color</p> <p>Metro City (Stage 1) - Astro Boy: Omega Factor - Norio Hanzawa &amp; Tsuyoshi Kaneko - 2003, Treasure/Hitmaker/Sega/Activision, Game boy Advance </p> <p>Moliarty's Tower - Darkwing Duck - Yasuaki "Bun Bun" Fujita - 1992, Capcom, NES</p> <p>Menu Theme - Scud: The Disposable Assassin - Loudmouth, Tristan des Pres, DJR/IB3 Ltd., Fidget-X, and Unbelievable Jolly Machine - 1997, Syrox/SegaSoft, Saturn</p> <p>High Score - Green Lantern - Dean Evans - 1994 (Unreleased), Ocean, SNES</p> <p>Here Comes the Hero - X-Men - Seiichi Fukami, Yuji Takenouchi, Junya Nakano, and Ayako Hashimoto - 1992, Konami, Arcade</p> <p>Windy Night at the Park  - The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes  - Shoji Tomii, Minoru Endo, Makato Igarashi, and Daisuke Inoue - 195, Agent/Epoch, Super Famicom</p> <p>Gotham City/Streets of Desolation - Batman - Naoki Kodaka - 1989, Sunsoft, NES</p> <p>Theme of Dr. Doom - Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - Hideyuki Fukasawa - 2011, Capcom/Eighting, PS3/Xbox 360</p> <p>Trickster for Mayor - The Flash - Jeroen Tel - 1993, Probe, Sega Master System</p> <p>Ending Credits - The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga - Des Tong &amp; The Gamma Gang (Mike Hehir, Chris Warne) - 1996, Attention to Detail/Eidos, Saturn/PlayStation</p> <p>Blooper Reel: The Fun House - Spider-Man - Fletcher Beasley - 1995, Western Technologies/Acclaim, Genesis</p> <p><br></p> <p>Artist Links:</p> <p>Naomi Rubin - patreon.com/naomirubin | comics at moonsproutstation.com</p> <p>Carlos Leon Roman - Instagram.com/kf_carlito</p> <p>Ben "The Diad" Dishman - @TheDiad</p> <p>Skeletroy - patreon.com/skeletroy</p> <p><br></p> --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/vgmvgm/message