Hitomi Gilliam: On Evolving in Floristry

Team Flower show

Summary: Hitomi is a champion for those who are entering into the floral industry—always open and sharing her knowledge and experience with anyone who asks. She has a passion for beginner florists because they are the future of the floral industry! In this episode, Hitomi is sharing the story of how she came from a path towards science to moving towards plants, and then ending in flowers—all while overcoming family obstacles. She was extremely shy and essentially taught herself how to design. In that, she’s delving into self-doubt and just how detrimental it is to your creativity. Finally, you’ll hear practical tips in multiple facets of the floral industry. From methods of teaching to color combinations, she has so much to share! You’ll be encouraged to always work towards what’s “right” in sustainability. Work towards learning how to be in 100%, even enabling clients to be environmentally conscience! Hitomi works in partnership with her son, Colin Gilliam. Their business, DESIGN358, is a floral education entity and content creator. They host virtual floristry training workshops at DesigningForExcellence.com and ElementsOfInspiration.com. And she's currently getting ready for a virtual workshop in partnership with Gregor Lersch to design 100% Organic toward Sustainable Floristry. Hitomi has travelled around the world teaching creative floristry. She is an innovative teacher with a wellspring of inspiration, especially when it comes to methods, mechanics and techniques for Flower Creatives who want to distinguish themselves from others. She is serving as the Symposium Program co-ordinator for American Institute of Floral Designers for 2022. Hitomi is all about sharing her knowledge to allow ideas, methods to evolve to something always better for the future! Ask her a question on Instagram @hitomigilliam or visit her website at hitomigilliam.com.