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Summary: A rant on dissatisfaction and the desire to really live life! Fawn needs your support on this one.   Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] We weren't supposed to record today. We weren't. No, because,  not because of the show, but I've been experiencing burnout, major burnout, not because of the show. This show gives me life, but check it out. So the book I'm reading burnout. Um, Matt: [00:00:19] hi, this is a hi this is Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt Fawn: [00:00:24] welcome to our friendly world. It doesn't feel so friendly for me right now. I woke up dissatisfied, Matt: [00:00:30] but the world is opening back up. Fawn: [00:00:31] It is, I went to bed mad at you. I woke up even more mad at you. And then we got into a little fight. And during our fight, I said, you know what? Let's record our fight. Let's just record what we're talking about. Cause it's not a fight the way you think of a fight. The way we fight is we fight the way we do. Just our, whatever, here, here it goes, guys. So emotional exhaustion as defined by, these two ladies who wrote the book "Burnout, The [00:01:00] secret of Unlocking the Stress C ycle, Emily Nagoski, PhD and Amelia Nagoski DMA. What, what do you want to see? The clever they're twins. Okay. Let's rock. All right. So there are three components of emotional exhaustion, which is what burnout is. Okay. Okay. So number one, emotional exhaustion, the fatigue that comes from caring too much for too long. So when you're worried about someone you love it, doesn't go away. You're a parent. You're worried. You're frickin worried all the time, never ending.  Personalization is number two, the depletion of empathy, caring and compassion. Number three is decreased sense of accomplishment and unconquerable sense of futility, feeling that nothing you do makes any difference. I feel number one and number [00:02:00] three, I don't feel number two because empathy is totally there. Compassion is totally there. I feel a decreased sense of accomplishment and I want to cry just saying that, and I feel emotionally exhausted and the way we start our morning together, cause you wake up so much earlier than I do, but then I go to bed at 3 30, 4 o'clock, five o'clock in the morning sometimes.  And then I wake up early. So I just woke up just upset. And I, the, the way we started our day together was you came in and we started talking and I said, Matt, I am done. I'm done waiting. I want to live my life. We've been waiting for 16 years. Sure, we've done things. We've had different moves. We've had children, you know, we've made things happen, but it feels like we are waiting. You're waiting on [00:03:00] the perfect job opportunity. I'm waiting for things to take off with my career. I am waiting for this. I'm waiting for that. You're waiting for it your way. All we do is wait and I feel so dissatisfied. And so what's the third one decreased sense of accomplishment. And one of the things we were talking about today this morning was, I don't. I never wanted to live in Colorado. I don't understand this place. And even though I grew up in California and part of my college education was in Northern California. And then we ended up there for a couple minutes, which was what, two years? Right around the Sausalito area. It was not okay for me.  Sorry, California. Sorry, Colorado. But honestly, even though Santa Monica is in California, I know guys, but when I... help me figure this out. So this episode today, I want your [00:04:00] help, friends listening  out there,  can you please email me and talk to me because I seriously can't