living the dream with American small business league founder and president Lloyd Chapman

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Summary: Lloyd Chapman is the President and founder of the American Small Business League (ASBL)For over 30 years, Mr. Chapman has fought the rampant fraud and abuse in federal small business contracting programs. He is hailed as the nation's most vocal opponent of the federal governments policy, which involves fabricating compliance of the 23% small business contracting goal.Mr. Chapman has won 110 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) legal battles, which is more than anyone in the history of the US with institutions like the Pentagon, Department of Justice (DOJ) and more. Mr. Chapman has been the recipient of the James Madison Freedom of Information Award. Mr. Chapman has been a guest of many major news programs to voice his educated opinion on the current president's work with supporting small businesses and his legal battles. Lloyd can be found on the web at www.lloydchapman.comTopics I Can Discuss: