Roundtable - CONNECTED- The Concept of Self-Principles and How to Use Them as Tools

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Summary: Today we have our fantastic, amazing friend, Paul, who is leading this session today on the concept of self-principle as a whole, being an action. It's the actions we take on our thoughts that come up. The conversation further travels to the concept intelligence of multiple intelligence theory and how all these ways of thinking and being transforms us and society. We also talk about school, all kinds of different forms of intelligence, finding other ways, other paths in our lives that don’t go with the status quo but reveal our true selves and our true gifts. Hall of Fame quotes from the episode: the more we practice it, the more it becomes us,    I am not defined by how other people choose to see me. I'm defined by who I am. -Not the perception, not the looking through the lens of someone else's experience.   if everyone likes you, you're doing something wrong.   Winston Churchill - If you find yourself traveling through hell for God's sake, keep going.   Paul: say like, if another addict came into the rehab and they were, they were crying about that life being so down and terrible, you know, Beforehand, he would have just been like, Oh, it's just another addict. That my, my life's bad. I'm not going to care about your life, but now he's like, I understand you. I feel you, when you go, when you go into their shoes and feel them, and then you, you feel sad for them and then you love them when they can't love themselves. That's empathy.   Katy: We have to we have to forgive, we have to give people encouragement for the good job like our children, like, Oh, you're doing such a good job. You have to have empathy for people with they're going through every day in certain stressful situations. Love is like everybody love is everything, you know, it's just, it has to be everywhere. everything is love. the multiple intelligences theory, Gardner introduced the idea that every single thing that we can do is a arena of intelligence.   Beth: there are definitely different definitions behind behind these values and principles. What might be a principle for my mother or for my logically minded family members, I didn't hold the same. I didn't hold it in the same light.   Beth:  I think that the curriculum should be built around what KJ is talking about. You know, if you built it around the different intelligences than you would allow everybody to be who they are in one of those themes and the world would be a better place because you'd be starting much younger, believing in yourself, believing in what you have as gifts for the world are true and rightful and should be, should be used in the world.Instead of trying to fit into this almost just academic route that we, we tend to place on people. So the whole curriculums need to change. Maybe it will. That's my hope.     Transcript: [00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] Hello everybody. Hello. Welcome to a friendly world. Welcome to our round table. Connected round table. Connected. We talk about all the different ways we are interconnected. We have friends from around the world at the table, and every week we have a different topic. Today's topic is self principle, and I am so excited to introduce you to Paul Martin also known as Lotus, who will be leading us through our session today?  At our table today, we have my love, Matt Anderson. We have our beautiful, beautiful Katy LoSasso. Hello. We have our beautiful Beth Hewitt. We have our beautiful KJ.  You're beautiful too, Matt. Thank you. All right. We have KJ Nasrul here. We have me. [00:01:00] Hello? I'm Fawn. Thanks babe. All right. So today when we have beautiful Paul, I did say Paul and I was just about to say we have a new cu