Blockchain and the Kingdom of Bling - Dirty Big Secrets Talk with Lisa Calkins

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Summary: Lisa Calkins of Halfblast Studios joins our blockchain talk, but we get very human with it and talk about such things as fraud and the fact that it doesn't always just happen the way that you think it happens . Lisa explains credit card fraud and fraud in general. Also, why you will never forget your password again…   Why taking a small step toward responsibility of your password management is good for you and good for other people. Lisa gets very real and you will feel empowered. Here are some nuggets from the episode: NUGGET OF WISDOM FROM LISA: -And one of the things that was so exciting to me and, valuable to me about blockchain was that I didn't understand it at all. I had to learn it and the whole team had to learn it. And those early entire year, every day I would learn something. And then the next day I would realize whatever I learned wasn't really right or true.And then I would learn again and then I wouldn't understand it. And then some would ask me a question. I have no idea how to answer it, and I would have to learn it again. And what an exciting time that is, professionally and personally.   NUGGET OF WISDOM FROM LISA: …adoption is always hard because actually most people don't like a lot of change. It's one of the misnomers in technology that people who aren't in technology think technologists are so innovative and creative and constantly like building new things and thinking very innovatively. NUGGET OF WISDOM FROM LISA: … in any industry in teaching, there's only a subset of people who are really doing innovative work. Most of the other people, like the fact that everything stays in their framework that they're comfortable in. So blockchain is not that. And blockchain is really extremely different from a technology perspective.   NUGGET OF WISDOM FROM LISA: … blockchain is a piece of this big solution. It's not taking over the world. It's taking over a big piece of what was [00:12:00] not being done very well or solved.   NUGGET OF WISDOM FROM LISA: … the dirty, big secrets. They're not dirty little secrets. They're dirty, big secrets. In systems today and in business today, there is an amazing amount of fraud. Unbelievable. In fact, I am the optimist quite, probably like Fawn. And when I was exposed to how much fraud there was, it made me so disheartened and sad and crazy. Like if we could help reduce fraud by a very small percentage, the amount of money that could be in the economy is insane.     fraud doesn't always just happen the way that you think it happens . Lisa explains credit card fraud:  “So do you realize who actually paid for that fraud. It's the flower company, the credit card company takes the money back out of that small business transaction. They go take the money out of, even up to six months later, some credit cards a year later, the money actually doesn't get lost in the middle. It's actually taken out of a small business.”…” The small business is the one that loses out. The small business is the one who is actually the end result of fraud. Well, let's talk about it. How are they going to change the world and force us to change our model? [00:26:00] Usually it's because consumers help drive that, right? The mass people drive that change, but you don't even know or realize it's happening, right?  If everybody realized my local flower shop my local restaurant, the coffee shop, the doughnut shop, whatever it is, a person selling, whatever, even startups, creating new companies, even selling online, whatever it might be. They're the ones who it comes out of their account. And so it's part of doing business. They have to do a write off account. They have to manage