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Summary: Do you think it's a bad thing to be so interconnected? We are living in a time where we see, hear, and feel everything we are all (as a collective and individually) feeling and experiencing all at the same time. This experience of “oneness” can be devastating and hard to manage. What can we do?  We turn to a simple cure, one that is thousands of years old – The breath. In this episode, we explore breath and the way it can not only heal the body and the mind, but transform reality and change the outcome of realty as we see it.  Breath is also called prana  and it means the vital energy of the universe.   Swami Rama, according to, his book, "The Science of Breath, A Practical Guide".  Swami Rama: "According to one of the schools of Indian philosophy, the whole universe was projected out of Akasha Which means space, space through the energy of prana. Akasha is the infinite all-encompassing material of the universe. And prana is the infinite all-pervading energy of the universe, cosmic energy. All the diverse forms of the universe are sustained by it. Pranayama is a science, which imparts knowledge related to the control of Parana. One who has learned to control prana has learned to control all the energies of this universe, physical and mental. He is also learned to control his body and mind."   "In short, emotions are tunnels. If you go all the way through them, you got to the light at the end. Exhaustion happens when you get stuck in an emotion." (excerpt from the book “Burnout” - by Emily Nagoski & Amelia Nagoski if you're in a stuck emotion, if you are able to come into that space and breathe life into it, you're able to access a part of the universe that is transformative; that you can recreate, that you can go in there and Recode. . Does that make sense? Like if you get into the Akashic records, right, you go into a level where everything has history,  in the universe and all the universes in that empty space is where you can create. What you focus on grows right? In that empty space is where you can rewrite things.   So if you can harness that vital energy of the universe, and then infuse; channel the energy of that universe, that breath, into wherever you are. I think you can change in an instant what is happening in and around you.     TRANSCRIPT Fawn: [00:00:00]  [00:00:00] Hello. Welcome to our table. Welcome to the table. Welcome to your table. Our house is your house. Technically, this is Mark Beran's and Kelly Beran's house, but you know what I mean? Our house is your house. mi casa es tu casa Our home is your home. Our table is your table. This is all of our table. Is that right? The English and my grammar proper. Anyway, welcome everyone to the table. Our round table. Welcome to our friendly world today. We have Katie. We have, Paul, we have Beth. We have KJ. If anyone wants  to reach out to them, go to the show notes and all their links are there. There are links are also on our website, you'll learn all about their [00:01:00] podcasts and everything that they're doing in the world. Check them out. Um, and also any, any other things, friendly reminders, anyone, anyone want to have a friendly reminder out there? Okay, man. Hello. When did you say before we started the show, Matt, I have no idea. You said I need to take a breath. And that is ours. That is our topic today. We're talking about breath and really the reason why I wanted to talk about breath was this. So we were talking  Matt and I were talking  last week and I was like, oh my God. I, I can't take anymore because we were talking about the news. I'm like what's. And I was