Acceptance of Where You Are; Compassion, Community, Consciousness, Yoga Pants, and Being Popeye with Maya Breuer

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Summary: "There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres." - Pythagoras We are graced by the lovely Maya Breuer,  host of The Unity in Yoga podcast. She is, also the co-founder of the black yoga teachers Alliance, an Emeritus trustee of Kripalu and the creator of the yoga retreat for women of color. Maya is a recipient of the YWCA's Women of Achievement Award. This our beautiful friend, is Maya Breuer. Maya Breuer continues to demonstrate commitment to educating the black and indigenous and people of color community B I P O C about health and wellbeing through yoga. She enthusiastically promotes equity and continues to influence the changing landscape of yoga. We speak of acceptance of you who we are and where we are. And when you get grounded in that acceptance of self, it doesn't matter what anyone says. We get into how we’re reared in the United States to always compare ourselves and each other. “ I love that I have self-acceptance. I mean, I can be neat. I can be sloppy. I can, I can be soft and gentle. I can cuss you out. You know, I live my life out loud and I think yoga gives, you know, contrary to what many people think, you know; yoga is gonna make you this, this quiet, sweet person. Yoga enables you to be who you really are. And then the more you practice, the more you delve into yoga, you let go of that thing, which I call comparison; comparing yourself with others. It's like, Oh, that's the model. I should look that way. And I'll never look that way. You know, looking at many of the models, although today there's models of every color and every shape and size, but I had to, you know, I had to accept myself and it was the yoga that really taught me how to accept myself. “   Hall of Fame Quote from the episode:  -“I've learned by learning to love myself, I can love others.” -“Breath combined with the movement helps move good and bad, some samskara and those are impressions. Yoga, breath, consciousness, awareness, relaxation; those are the tools we get to help us find ourselves; the true self.” -“The more you develop that inner Popeye, that's connected to the divine, that's connected to your deep inner self, the more you can accept others, but the more you're free to have all of your  self available for life.” -“Yoga is like a smart computer chip.  You simply inject like, you take it in and it can come through your skin, your tissues, all your breath. And then it goes to where it needs to go. If you need it in your hip, you need it in your belly, you need it in your chest area, and it’ll find its way there if you take up the practice. The same, if you have challenges with your health, with addiction, with dullness, yoga will help you. It's such a smart computer chip.”   Maya Breuer:     Transcript: [00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] Hello, here we go. Another  star struck moment for me, honestly. , Matt helped me out because I don't want to do what I normally do, which has profess my love. Maya: [00:00:13] It's way too late. Fawn: [00:00:16] The whole episode will just be me saying how much I love this person. Okay. All right, here we go. Thank you. All right. We have a very beautiful guest today, someone I've been wanting to talk to for a very long time. She I'm going to