President Donald Trump calls the Drive by Night Show

Drive by Night Show show

Summary: <p>Number 45 himself graced our presence on the show tonight and we couldn't be more thrilled.  We talked about his smart, beautiful and gorgeous daughter Ivanka Trump and all of the other smart people he has around him.  I asked Mr. Trump about the coke button in the white house and he told me it was mainly for Diet Coke because he's watching his wait but is in excellent health.  I then asked the president what his relationship with McDonald's is considering all formal meals during his tenure were catered by McD's. I was a little surprised to hear that well done steak and ketchup wasn't the choice.  I asked the Donald about the rumors I've heard about him being back in office in August.  He then told me that he believes he received all of the votes in the last election.  Finally, I asked him what he had in store for the great Trump 2024 campaign.  The Drive by Night Show cannot thank the former president enough for taking a few minutes out of his busy day to call us on the phone and catch us up on what he's been doing.</p>