Through Hate Breeds Art w/ Raina Morris

Keeping Records show

Summary: Caleb has fled to Portland. Shelby is sleeping in and doesn't miss Caleb...yet. Comedian and writer Raina Wilson visits with them to prep her Golden Record and it's much stuff! There's software to instruct the aliens on how to take care of humans; details on how to properly care for our skin and hair; how to satisfy oral fixations and stay hydrated at the same time. Raina swears up and down that she's not prepping the aliens for zoo-keeping an exhibit of humans, but truly you will have to decide on what her plans ultimately are. Raina's ArtifactsThe Sims 2 (software)"Beautiful Liar" Beyoncé and Shakira music video (audio-visual)YouTube ingrown hair extraction videos (audio-visual) The feeling of when a hairstylist washes your hair and scratches your scalp (multi-sensory experience)Eating ice (food)A kiss on the lips from someone wearing lip gloss (multi-sensory experience)Follow Raina on Instagram and Twitter! Follow the show @keepingrecordspod Advertise on Keeping Records via See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at