Big Tech And MSM Rally To Cover Up Feds Involvement In January 6th Events - War Room - 2021-Jun-17, Thursday

War Room show

Summary: The big lie of “insurrection” on January 6th is being exposed and the mainstream media and Big Tech are running circles to continue the false narrative. Hunter Biden’s texts messages reveal more racism from the Biden family, but the real story is what appears to be blatant sex trafficking run by the Biden family. Project Veritas whistleblower, Ivory Hecker, joins to discuss how Fox New was censoring her story on Hydroxychloroquine and how the network is largely run by Big Pharma and the CDC. Dan Lyman joins to discuss how he was nearly arrested for being outside the Biden/Putin summit with a Trump flag. Owen explains how liberals are now admitting their true motive, to frustrate and deceive people they view as the enemy.<br><br>GUEST(S):<br><br>Dan Lyman / Ivory Hecker