World Economic Forum Announces Cyber Attack Worldwide In Near Future - War Room - 2021-July 09, Friday

War Room show

Summary: It’s a loaded Friday broadcast with heavy news coverage and great guests. The World Economic Forum has shown the world the next dastardly trick coming from the corrupt globalists, a massive worldwide cyber attack. As they are currently running “drills” and “simulations” of a global cyber attack, we remember how they did the exact thing with a pandemic in 2019 before Covid. Dion Cini who makes the Yuge Trump flags and unravels them at baseball games joins them to discuss how others can do it and talk about how he’s been banned from MLB games. In the headbangers hour with Frank Cavanaugh and Michale Graves, they discuss a sordid situation happening with a Soros appointed DA in Austin, Texas.<br><br>GUEST(S):<br><br>DION CINI / FRANK CAVANAUGH / MICHALE GRAVES