Democrats And Big Tech Plan To Censor Private Text Conversations On Vaccines And Elections - War Room - 2021-July 12, Monday

War Room show

Summary: Too much news for 3 hours today, but Owen Shroyer tries to cram it all in on The War Room. Alex Jones files a breaking report LIVE on air about the Democrats plan to censor private text messages in an attempt to stop news spreading on vaccines and election fraud. Ivory Hecker and Dr. Stella Immanuel join in one powerful segment to talk about the censorship of free speech and of effective treatments for COVID. This is the only place you can find this information. The latest numbers of illegal crossings have been released and the numbers are stunning. Democrats are taking losses on a local level, but stealing victories at the Federal level, effectively ending states rights.<br><br>GUEST(S):<br><br>DR. STELLA IMMANUEL / IVORY HECKER