Georgia Vote Audit Shows 100% Of Absentee Ballots Came In For Biden In Thousands Of Ballot Drops - War Room - 2021-July 14, Wednesday

War Room show

Summary: Perhaps the biggest wave of momentum for America since Democrats stole the election happens today. We now have undeniable proof of how the Democrats stole Georgia for Biden, with video and vote audit reports being released. Owen Shroyer explains how this momentum ties into other stories and opportunities Republicans and American have right now to save America and correct the course of American history. Dan Lyman joins in studio to discuss a litany of subjects from the uprisings in France over vaccine mandates to the cultural rot that liberalism is bringing to children. More sordid details of the FBI emerge from their covering up of sexual abuse against children. Conservatives are also finally fighting back in the free market with new phones and new big box websites.<br><br>GUEST(S):<br><br>DAN LYMAN