Ep 60: Danielle Lupo - International Playmate and Certified Cardiographic Technician- Balancing Both Model and Health Care Career - Breaking Stereotypes and Societal Norms - Dating a Tattoo Artist


Summary: <p>Today's episode features Danielle Lupo, who is an International Playmate and has been featured in editorial spreads, such Playboy, GQ, Industry and Inked Magazines. What you may not know is that she also has been working in the Healthcare field for almost 10 years and is a Certified Cardiographic Technician (CCT). Danielle has been breaking stereotypes and shattering the norm in the modeling industry from her college days. In this episode, she walks us through her healthcare journey and how her past car accident impacted her life. She also explain how she balances both careers and clarifies myths that people might have of her and what she does. Get excited to be inspired by this episode as we dive more into topics including how Danielle balances a non-traditional career path and overcoming judgements and stereotypes, wellness tips to stay healthy during quarantine and what it's like to date a celebrity tattoo artist. Feel free to connect with<a href="https://www.instagram.com/daniellelupo/?hl=en"> Danielle Lupo on Instagram</a> and you can email thecityconessions@gmail.com should you have any feedback, comments or questions regarding this episode. </p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/thecityconfessions/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/thecityconfessions/support</a>