Ep 99: Ming - NYC Based Occupational Therapist - Food Photographer Duo Team of The Bing Buzz - Finding Purpose and Passion During the Pandemic- Spreading Positivity and Joy to Others


Summary: <p>The 99th episode of The City Confessions features Ming, who is a NYC based Occupational Therapist. Aside from her day job, she is also part of the food photographer duo team of The Bing Buzz, and works with her boyfriend to bring NYC content to her audience. She is also the host of the podcast Happier With Ming: A lifestyle design &amp; personal development podcast designed to encourage and inspire you to live life to your fullest everyday!</p> <p>In this episode, we talk about how she found her passion and purpose during the pandemic, as that's the time when she decided to start The Bing Buzz's youtube channel. Ming also loves starting projects and explains how being a perfectionist plays in her life, as well as going out of her comfort zones. She discussed some of her insecurities and vulnerabilities and shares her favorite NYC ice cream spots as well as a confession that some New Yorkers might take offensively! </p> <p>You can connect with Ming in her below channels and if you have any questions, feedback or comments regarding this episode, feel free to email thecityconfessions@gmail.com. </p> <p><br></p> <p>Youtube: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBingBuzz" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBingBuzz</a></p> <p>Instagram: <a href="https://www.instagram.com/TheBingBuzz" target="_blank">https://www.instagram.com/TheBingBuzz</a></p> <p>Twitter: <a href="https://twitter.com/TheBingBuzz" target="_blank">https://twitter.com/TheBingBuzz</a></p> <p>Facebook: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/TheBingBuzz" target="_blank">https://www.facebook.com/TheBingBuzz</a></p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/thecityconfessions/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/thecityconfessions/support</a>