Blockchain - How Tech Can Empower and Change Human Beings - Blockchain, ART, MUSIC, and NFTs with Mostafa Purmehdi

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Summary: Notes from this episode: ART and NFT  Have you all noticed how change seems to be occurring more and more often and happening faster and bigger than ever before? The thing about change is that it is never comfortable; there is a period of growth and adjustment. What we may forget is that we can’t be complacent and say to ourselves “I’ve made it through this change and now I can relax “.  It's stressful when you see change coming. And when it comes, it's really stressful to adapt to the change. And then what gets us into trouble is when we think this change we’ve adapted to is it. The thing about it is it's ever evolving. So you can't say, okay, I can be comfortable now that we’ve made it into this new phase and think this will be it forever.  And it's not.  As soon as you get the hang of things, things change again. We have to be comfortable in the ongoing movement of life that is ever changing. We are on the precipice of a huge revolutionary shift that we’re about to experience with technology. Mostafa:  “We are going to experience huge shifts.  The good news is this is not the first time human race; our civilized society has been going through this. We've done this a few in the history, but every time seems, kind of new because, we are going through a new phenomenon.” Some questions we ask: The art world: What’s Fawn’s beef with that industry? How is art going to be transformed creatively and financially by blockchain and the NFT? How do we gain power over our intellectual properties? Are we just going to have an NFT for everything? How do we acquire NFTs? How does music come into this and musicians and making money from their art?  All these different facets of art and our different definitions of art;  how does that work with NFTs? Can a musician who's just starting out or even if they're not, like, let's say you're a Taylor Swift or something;  how does the NFT change music? How could NFTs benefit musicians and terms of use? Mostafa: “ I think with NFT, artists are gonna make their art more accessible. They're gonna rethink how much they charge different content creators for using their art. And it's gonna facilitate a replication of their art, which eventually will be of benefit to them.” Digital image with an NFT: can I make copies for all my friends?   MOSTAFA:  HEADLINER OPTION Suzanne vega. That's great. Some body did an  I dream of Jeannie version of it. So I heard this tune and when I was a kids didn't know who she was, certainly, but it really, you know, sat into my memory and I, and I would hum it all the time, never knowing who sang it at first time. Certainly didn't know the story behind it until very recently. The way it works is that she made this song out of a real-life experience she had; this Tom's Diner is  where she used to have breakfast. And it was not a popular song until some other group made a remix of it. Yes, yes. They made a dance version of it. Yes. How much did she earn out of that? Not much. Just the name and then, you know, so, with an NFT, if she makes the art, attaches an NFT, and let's say at the moment of creation of the art, she's not really thinking about, Oh, this is gonna blow up. I'm not gonna, maybe she's not really thinking about making money. Right. But when that happens and suddenly, you know, people are paying attention to it, it becomes a universal phenomenon, how can we trace it back to the artists and make sure that she's compensated. That's what NFT does. It facilitates it.  It makes all the footsteps traceable. To see Fawn's photography: