The Doctor Is In w/ Taylor Ortega

Keeping Records show

Summary: Comedian and actor Taylor Ortega (Kim Possible, Love Life, Welcome to Flatch) is crashing on Caleb and Dr. Wolstein's pull-out couch, so why not build a Golden Record? Along the way everyone recounts the trauma of having to go to the bathroom in the woods, and also the trauma of wearing Nike Shocks. Taylor's Golden RecordWet wipes (human ephemera)The Real L-Word (audio-visual)Cute, trendy plants that are easy to take care of (biological sample)Taylor’s group chats (literature)A good nonstick pan (human tool)Original Voyager ArtifactOld Man With Beard and Glasses (Turkey), Jonathan BlairFollow Taylor on Instagram! Follow the show @keepingrecordspod Advertise on Keeping Records via