I Need a Friend

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: This episode features our friend Paul Martin. He songs to us and IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! He IS AMAZING! First: Santa Monica pearl of wisdom from 5th floor quiet painter neighbor. You never truly know what someone’s life experience is until you are invited in, or you invite THEM in.Sometimes you may look at a person you think, “Oh my God, I am probably not their cup of tea. They will probably hate me”, or you can see major differences between you, and that “there's no way that this person will like me”. Give it a chance. You never know!   Fawn and Matt share their difficult weekend as Fawn pushes back the tears of her sadness and anxiety, and tells how she had to type the words “I NEED A FRIEND” to her friend Beth Hewitt (of the podcast “Visualize You w/ Beth Hewitt). Fawn describes how that changed everything and reads what Beth wrote back to her, out loud for any of you to receive Beth’s words to help you feel better as they helped Fawn. All the tears and emotions happen before Fawn and Matt introduce their honored guest Paul Martin, who wisely and kindly says: “It's really nice to hear you embracing your sadness… what I've learned, especially over the past few years of, you know, I used to be, um, an alcoholic and an addict or thing that pushed away me embracing all of those certain feelings and now that I'm clean, I get to fully embrace them. And even sadness has like a true kind of beauty with that. In a weird way, it has its own yeah sacred, special place. Um, but to truly feel it and like engage and embrace it like you did. It's just like, it works wonders. And in a weird way, like if you have the, like the perception of the it's there for a reason, you can actually sometimes like, enjoy it whilst it's happening as well; not just the benefits after”.   Fawn, Matt, and Paul discuss how different cultures handle emotions and drugs. We discuss embracing each other’s emotions and what we should do when we see someone crying.   Paul’s music is an embrace from an old, caring, loving, entity: And as Paul says: “…getting in touch with that vulnerability of letting go and staying in that safe space” is what it’s about. “…so there's feelings can come up and they can just feel that beauty of light. Like that's a kind of, that's like a happy sadness, and it's very important, I think, to get in touch with that side of your emotions.” We also talk MEDITATION, as Paul is not only a super talented Musician, but also a meditation coach who studied in Thailand. Paul: “…we're put here is to understand life and experience life and to understand the difference between yin and yang, what we perceive as good and bad.” Paul: “all anger derives really from the sadness.” We get into the discussion of social media… Fawn: “So I think social media is actually parallel to real life because in real life, I mean, I'll just speak for the communities we've noticed in the culture we've noticed in the United States, where so much is is superficial and you know, it's just superficial and you're not really there for each other, right. It's just, you're going to present the best face possible. You're going to present yourself as the greatest, the best, the richest, the prettiest, whatever, but very few people actually. Well, like, be real with you and have a heart to heart, total open path, open sec, you know, open segway; open heart.  And it's the same in social media. That's what I think some people are now piercing through is that superficialness. It happens outside of social media.”