Thank Goodness We Saw It Coming, Visualization with special Guest Beth Hewitt

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Summary: This week we talk about our dreams, our deepest hopes, visualizing them and having the faith that we will succeed (through all the ups and downs of life). We not only discuss holding these dreams for ourselves, but how to hold dreams for others. We are joined by our friend Beth Hewitt who is sharing her insights on visualization as we celebrate her book, “The Power of Scripting.” Some takeaway quotes: Matt: “It seems like the old saying when the student is ready, the master will come. It seems like sometimes in those moments that there are people or whatever that reach out to you, because we're all kind of interconnected in a way that science can't quite explain.” Fawn: “When bad things happen, it’s your opportunity to say, I don't choose that. I want this instead.” Beth: “And it's about taking those reins and getting clear on what you do want to do, because I think , when you know what you don't want, when you know that you don't want a horrible things happening to you, you know, the flip side of that, which is, you know, what you do want, you know, what that different reality looks like, and that gives you a clue as to what you might be able to create and gives you something to cling on to”. “…whenever something bad happens to you, you just got to find that little sliver of hope and light of how you can view this in a different way. And there's always something, whatever the challenge, there’s always opportunity”. QUOTE HALL OF FAME FROM THIS EPISODE: “There's always people there who are willing to help you and support you”. “You have to find the lightness in the darkness”. Quote from Beth’s book: “"You should know that you will have some ups and downs along the way. It wouldn't be life if you didn't, but when quote unquote horrible things happen to us, we have a choice. In fact, in any moment or circumstance, we have the option to view things from a different perspective, and we can decide to pick ourselves up and move on. And that when things are going wrong, you will forever have a tool that helps you to take back control to imagine and describe through your own words, the life you'd rather be living. And before, you know it, you will." Beth’s book: "The Power of Scripting" To buy Beth’s book: Contact Beth Hewitt: Beth’s podcast: #SantaMonica #champagneSundays #rituals #visualization #celebration #wish #makeawish #livingthelife #fieldofdreams #findingthelightinthedarkness, #abrahamhicks, #CarolineMyss, #thecoffeebean, #Wishbaker, #OurFriendlyWorldwithFawnandMatt       Transcript Episode # 38 “Thank Goodness! with Beth Hewitt” [00:00:00] Matt: [00:00:00] We're an interracial couple with two kids wanting to do something that highlights the power of friendship and what it means to be in the company of true friends. We're going to move our society away and out of the loneliness epidemic and into a friendlier, happier world. Welcome to our friendly world. Fawn and Matt and Music: [00:00:32] Better, stronger, together. Fawn: [00:00:42] Good morning. Hello. Good afternoon. Good evening. All right. Okay. Don't say that. How many times do I have to tell you not to do that? It means by, by no good evening. It means hello. Good night [00:01:00] means, bye bye for you. I'm going to sleep. Matt: [00:01:02] Welcome to our show. Fawn: [00:01:04] Welcome to our friendly world. I promise it's friendly nugget of wisdom from Santa Monica, champagne, Sundays.