Generating New Ideas and Finding Your Creative Voice with Hart Floral

Team Flower show

Summary: What are the things that make it hard to find your creative voice? How do you overcome your fears and anxieties? Madison asked these questions of herself and found great inspiration in moving through this process. She’s since burst through with new ideas, fun dreams, and a solidified creative voice. Listen in to hear her sweet experience! You’ll also learn a new perspective on photographing flowers along with a few tips for doing so with your iPhone. Kelly and Madison are talking about thinking through an event design—what aspects to consider, how to choose flowers, and putting it all together for a client. Madison is the owner of Hart Floral, an event design studio creating imaginative events worldwide. She also teaches floral design workshops internationally and offers her own online business resources and courses. She has a new print shop as well, which has been a big pivot these past few months. One of her Covid-safe events from October 2020 was just featured in Vogue Weddings, so we’re taking a moment to celebrate that with her today! Check out her work on social media @hart_floral or on her website. If you’re interested in learning more from Madison, click here to see how!