Episode 188 – 40-ish Minutes of Kenley Jansen Talk | Blue Heaven Podcast

Dodgers Nation: Blue Heaven Podcast show

Summary: Well... we're here again. The same place we end up every season. It's time to talk about Kenley Jansen once again. I'll preface this by saying that we as a whole want nothing but great things for the Dodgers all-time franchise leader in saves. He's given his heart to this organization -- almost literally. However, you can appreciate what a player means to a club while still admitting that he's no longer the best option for a particular job. Throwing back, we unearth audio from Blue Heaven episode 57 in May of 2019 that puts into perspective the situation the Dodgers are in. And fans. We're stuck in a bad, long-term relationship and we don't know how to get out or fix it. Buckle in and keep an open but frustrated mind while we dig into our thoughts about where to go from here with Kenley. In other topics, we discuss Trevor Bauer's sticky situation, and returning to Dodger Stadium for ring day 2021. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices