Bulldog Lawyer: How To Save My Marriage When She Doesn’t Want To! CARP032

Catholic Alpha Radical show

Summary: In this 32nd episode? Bulldog Lawyer Big John Molloy on understanding divorce and how to save your marriage when she doesn't want to! As well as these other important lessons...<br> <br> 1) How does divorce really work in the court system?<br> <br> 2) How long does it actually take for a divorce to become final in many states?<br> <br> 3) If you don't want a divorce can you stop it or only slow it down?<br> What is the actual step by step process inside of the mediation room?<br> <br> 4) How do you find an attorney who is willing to employ the "save my marriage" strategy?<br> <br> 5) As a last resort is there a way to persuade the judge to force marriage counseling?<br> <br> "I've only seen a divorce stopped in its tracks when the husband self reflects and becomes Christ centered!"<br> <br> ~John Molloy ~ Asst. Prosecutor Indianapolis<br> <br> Can you afford to miss this?<br> <br> Get your Radical Relationship Advice Today...<br> <br> Listen Or Watch Now!