EP 183: Relaunching in Real Estate and Academia After a Divorce, with Samantha Kranyak

3,2,1 iRelaunch show

Summary: After a divorce and becoming a single parent, Samantha Kranyak was looking to relaunch close to home in order to gain financial independence and provide stability and consistency for her family. Sam shares how she first went into real estate, then added an adjunct teaching role at a nearby university and was later offered the opportunity to join the university as a non-tenure track professor, which is full time. We originally connected with Sam when she wrote to us to let us know our iRelaunch Return to Work Conference and Back on the Career Track Book “were instrumental in helping me rediscover myself as a newly divorced woman who had given up a wonderful financial business to stay home. I walked away with a polished resume, a story to share with potential employers regarding my work gap, and more confidence after being MIA from the workplace for a few years.” It is gratifying to know our Conference and resources were valuable to Sam at a critical time, and we want to extend our thanks to Sam for getting in touch and sharing her story.