Your Mom Died

Drive by Night Show show

Summary: <p>Drive by Night Show is a drive around call in talk show.  Watch the show live on TikTok at <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqbGI1UUFjOGdtM01sSGprZl9iNU9hQkRZMk5tUXxBQ3Jtc0trN3hEdnloNkVyM0JpT2dIWklmaHZRc2JuckRGbkhVYlVpYllXZDhjaGZTQmNpV05GN2V1TTFTcFBCenV6bFhYVmNqaG5HMnlveW1NdE1zUVRaWV9hbG5VMURoN2cxeXZhUHluUlEyTjR5dm5Wakk0NA&amp;" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>​ Thursdays from 8pm to 11pm central time.    We got a call from Arkansas and I kept saying hello but there wasn't an answer.  Finally, the person on the other end said hello but then you could hear weird laughing so I knew it wasn't going anywhere good.  At the end of the call I think the dude wanted to say something nasty but changed his mind last minute and for some reason told me my mom died.</p>