Organization and Automation for Floral Pros with Shanda Zelaya

Team Flower show

Summary: Automation is a thing of this day and age, and Shanda is sharing her go-to platforms! You’ll also hear about how industry changes due to COVID-19 have impacted her business as well as her exciting new project (here’s a hint: it’ll help light up the dark in a special handmade way!). When Shanda looks back now at her early childhood in Costa Rica—surrounded and fascinated by greenery and diverse flowers—it almost seems obvious that her chosen career would end up being in floral design. But it was only after her own wedding when she realized how important floral details were to the overall feel and memory-making of an event. Since then, she’s worked with her clients to visualize and actualize their dream wedding designs. For over four years, Flor de Casa Designs has been crafting memorable wedding experiences with a steadfast belief that every couple’s vision can become a reality.