EP 181: How Two Women Changed Careers to Become Electricians, with Darci Spiteri and Shannon Tymosko

3,2,1 iRelaunch show

Summary: Shannon Tymosko and Darci Spiteri are both electrical apprentices with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, or IBEW, local 105, in Canada. They are friends and colleagues. Shannon made a career transition from short term lending to become an electrical apprentice and she is also an Ambassador for KickAss Careers, a Canadian organization promoting the trades to young people as a career choice. Darci is a relauncher who originally was a project manager in marketing. After a three-year career break, she received a Second Career Grant from the Canadian government, which funded her electrical apprentice training. Darci and Shannon talk about their path to becoming electricians and get into detail about what they do and how they are progressing. Check out their recently-released video for International Women's Day: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/shannon-tymosko-b160b4a7_choosetochallenge-sistersdoingitforthemselves-activity-6774643966982807552-7Hbu