Clubhouse 5 Step Action Plan

Real Estate Coaching Radio show

Summary: 1. Download the app from itunes. (android soon). The app is not 'public' yet. You will be added to the waitlist unless you have an invite. Expect to be on the wait list for at least a week. 2. Secure your name. Select your interests wisely. 3. Build your profile. Use the'TimandJulie Harris' profile as an example. 4. Once you have access, attend other clubrooms. Participate, ask questions. 5. Join our Club called 'Real Estate Coaching'. Click the 'bell' icon to be invited to our events. 6. Start and test your own 'rooms'. How to Make Money using Clubhouse: (Listen to this show for drilled down instructions) Ideas: - Model your rooms around the Business Network International / BNI concept. - National and International Relocation, 'Moving to Vegas?' - Let's talk Real Estate in Your Town         -Looking for inventory         -Market stats / absorption reports- Investors Schedule A Free Coaching CallListen on iTunesListen on SpotifyListen on Stitcher