Episode 386: Aly Grunander, Early Release Missionary, Emotional Health Challenges

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Aly Grunander (active LDS, Married, Age 21) shares her journey starting her mission in New Zealand full of hope and determination and having those dreams crushed with serious emotional health challenges leading to her coming home. Aly, who had no history of emotional health challenges before her mission, talks about that dark time in her life and the shame around her mental health and coming home. Aly shares her road to healing and Heavenly Father carefully guiding her life. Aly is bravely sharing her story to bring hope to others. Aly is joined by her husband Keaton. Keaton shares why he feel in love with Aly and is glad he is married to her—and why Keaton sees these difficult chapters in Aly’s life in a positive way that has brought them closer together as a couple with unique tools to help others. Thank you Aly and Keaton for being on the podcast and your courage to talk about your journey. You are a great couple with a wonderful future!