STL 63 - Crushing Tables and Crushing Dreams

Stellar Firma show

Summary: Episode 63 - Crushing Tables and Crushing Dreams Antoinette-Marie of The Happy Earth Zoo is having issues with knowing which of her animals are going to maul or eat visitors to the Zoo, or failing that, how not to be held responsible. Management Consultants’ advice: Burn down the zoo, disclaimers, hug-chomp Venn diagram, check the face for chompers, sub-Trexel sizing, poison?, lovely eyes, keep-away sticks, out-of-sight pit, have three tables, safety holes everywhere. Content Warning for: - Emotional abuse - Bullying/taunting - Discrimination &amp; prejudice - Snakes &amp; poison - Gaslighting - Discussions of: animal attacks, extinction &amp; environmental collapse, animal cruelty &amp; death, mass death - Mentions of: alcohol, violence, war, death, arson, prison, blood, children in peril, knives. Special thanks to Maria in Lyon for this episode's Brief Submission and this week's Patrons: Mahum Farhan, Snerful, Jordan J, Wil Holmes-Roys, Cashi, 4ReasonsUnknown, Mila, MuddyHippy, Ori rokah, Allison M, Diana Raphael Cameron, haunted moon, Orionne, Tim, Grace Lang, Avi Critz, Pipe Zellin, Will 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' Casey, Kai, Beppa, Mat Stogner, Aallst, InsideAcesHead, Alexander Jiggles Newall, Mo Dooley, Juliette, Pasticche Candioli, Creagh Dorman, Victoria Taylor, Badgerhat, Jwatta, lewis mac, Lydia Obenshain, Red McKinnley, Lindsey Bradford, justsimplegabby, Victorystorms, urbanforaging, Morgan Gillaspie, Shelbie, Ashlee Duarte, Diana Lopera, Chris Sanders, Jess, HipHarp101, Jay Schriber, Dismas Novoa, Caldkay, Seb. If you'd like to join them be sure to visit Created by Tim Meredith and Ben Meredith Produced by Katie Seaton Executive Producer Alexander J Newall Performances: I.M.O.G.E.N: Imogen Harris David 7: Ben Meredith Trexel Geistman: Tim Meredith Editing: Maddy Searle Music: Samuel DF Jones Artwork: Anika Khan Mastering: Jeffrey Nils Gardner Featured SFX: NeoSpica, kevinkace, BOAAY, nitramdoh, JoelAudio, kantouth, DWOBoyle &amp; previously credited artists via Original Foley by Maddy Searle. Additional music: Newer Wave by Kevin MacLeod. Link: License: Subscribe using your podcast software of choice or by visiting and be sure to rate and review us online; it really helps us spread across the galaxy. Check out our merchandise, available at and Join our community: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @therustyquill REDDIT: DISCORD: EMAIL: Stellar Firma is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. and Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike 4.0 International Licence.  <br><hr><p style="color: grey;">See <a style="color: grey;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=""></a> for privacy and opt-out information.</p>