Employee Retention, Customer Service, and Self Care with The Flower Guy Bron

Team Flower show

Summary: This episode of the Team Flower Podcast is full of life! Bron joins Kelly as our special guest, and he is sure to put a smile on your face. Not only is he full of joy, but he is also incredibly knowledgable! Bron is sharing his unique and refreshing perspective on finding balance in your life. Bron services large events and thus manages a large team. He’s chatting about how to interact with your team, the importance of teaching them your philosophy, and how to maintain employee retention. You’ll also hear tips on excellent customer service as well as handling large deliveries. A master of the art of floristry, The Flower Guy Bron provides bespoke design and styling experiences for events of all types. He’s located in Richmond, Virginia, but is a wanderer of the world and a modern day Renaissance man. He loves art, good wine, and great company—and of course flowers! Bron’s work with flowers is organic and his most natural expression. He lives by the simple principle of "be your best self" and encourages others to join him! You can do so by following along on social at @theflowerguybron or visiting his website.