Slut Actualization - Exploring Mallory's Secret Hotwife Fantasy

Casual Swinger - A Swinging Lifestyle Podcast show

Summary: In this house, slut is a good word. Over time Mallory's journey of self actualization has actually been more of a...SLUT actualization. We explore one of her deepest fantasies on this episode, where Mallory talks about wanting to be a PORN STAR for a day! As a hotwife it's a huge fantasy of hers to deliver a video as evidence of her playtime, so hear about some of the scenes she would shoot and what kind of dirty actress she'd really love to be. Also, we cover the new guidelines from the CDC ( regarding international travel and how this will affect some of our upcoming trips with Rachals Rascals. ( Bonus! Introducing two new toys on the Casual Toys ( page, the Arcwave Ion and the Doxy 3R toys! We discuss these, our opinions on their performance, and some of our new products like Motorbunny!