Nintendo Shack 166 - #GamingForGuru and A Look Ahead at Nintendo’s 2021

The Nintendo Shack show

Summary: Greetings Koopalings! This week we have a special 2-hour long show dedicated to our friend Bobby “The Nintendo Guru” as we join the community to raise money for his battle with Covid-19. Donnie, Garret, and Rebecca are joined by Jason Lacy @heyfluxay for an in-depth discussion about what they think is in store for Nintendo in 2021, giving best- and worst-case scenarios on topics such as a potential new Switch model, first-party games, indie games, and more. They also discuss what could possibly be in store for a number of upcoming Nintendo franchise anniversaries in 2021. Donations for Bobby Pauls and his family will continue to be collected until January 26th. You can visit their donation page at  Much thanks to our wonderful Patreon Producers - Michael Masek, Barry Cathcart, Edwin Calo, Nick Creature, Rudedays93, Ben Moxham, Rob Emanuel, Nick Faulhaber, Paul Callicoat, Kyle Haiman, Grrouchie Serge, Chris M., Devin Tyus, Josh Borbone, Tony Harris, Horse Girl 69, Hayley Nicole Miller, Kyle Richards, Skinny Matt, Ryan Craig, LoboRican, Delvin Cox, Justin Pickerd, Nick Metzger. Consider supporting the show at Remember you can follow us @ShackLife on Twitter Visit our discord at Shack Life t-shirts now available at