STL 58 - Ecology and External Assistance

Stellar Firma show

Summary: Episode 58 - Ecology and External Assistance The client, Goral Throgmar of the Construct-A-Creature corporation, is requesting legal assistance due to mounting complaints against them for creating “monstrosities” that are “killing people”. The bailiffs are on the way to take their eyes. Management Consultants’ advice: lie about your address, reframe the debate, corporate bonding, monstrosity, be a turgid plant, utilise the googly eyes, hot slap pyramid. Content Warning for: - Emotional abuse - Bullying/taunting - Shouting - Emotional manipulation &amp; gaslighting - Discussions of: body horror (including animal) - Mentions of: murder, alcohol consumption, plastic surgery, animal attack, eye trauma (threatened), physical violence, injury, arson. Special thanks to Adam Honeyman for this episode's Brief Submission and this week's Patrons: Katie McLean, incorrigible_worksop, Sam Lueke, Delta Psy, Tired Naiad, Yael Zombie, Elizabeth Almasy, Angelika Agbayani, David Niemczyk, Harmoni Kauffman, Layne Woodward, Jacc, N, Rahlly, Michelle Scarcella, connanro, Diego Henriquez, Erica, Julie Fricker, apthemagician, Zacharias Buchanan, Kathryn Sullivan, LYJun, Jordan Patton, Sophia Stasevic, Dominic Moffchiedoytiss, Liz McAnder, Juliana Scherzer, Jojoiter, 104 Tarsiers, Jara257, kendal, Kiwisheep, Renata, Devin Taylor, Emily Tucker, I should be asleep, melekinh, Kaley Bales, Vincent &amp; Amelia, Emma Baker, Emily, here's how Web!Martin can still win, TheFool, Liv Stormborn, Nicole Just Kidding, Marika Rainey, Emily Diaz, Avah Willard, Anabel (latt). If you'd like to join them be sure to visit Created by Tim Meredith and Ben Meredith Produced by Katie Seaton Executive Producer Alexander J Newall Performances: I.M.O.G.E.N: Imogen Harris David 7: Ben Meredith Trexel Geistman: Tim Meredith Enola: Helen Gould Editing: Maddy Searle Music: Samuel DF Jones Artwork: Anika Khan Mastering: Jeffrey Nils Gardner Featured SFX by FunWithSound, cabaret, Landau00, sagetyrtle, mickdow &amp; previously credited artists via Subscribe using your podcast software of choice or by visiting and be sure to rate and review us online; it really helps us spread across the galaxy. Check out our merchandise, available at and Join our community: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @therustyquill REDDIT: DISCORD: EMAIL: Stellar Firma is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. and Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike 4.0 International Licence.  <br><hr><p style="color: grey;">See <a style="color: grey;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=""></a> for privacy and opt-out information.</p>