Episode 368: Susan Hinckley and Cynthia Winward, Co-Hosts of Podcast “At Last She Said It”

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My dear friends Cynthia Winward and Susan Hinckley join me to talk about their new podcast At Last She Said It (https://atlastshesaidit.org/), a project aimed at amplifying the voices of LDS women, helping them feel valued and heard, and creating a safe space to share their feelings and experiences. Cynthia and Susan are active Latter-day Saint women, and we talk about the goals for their podcast, why they feel it is needed, feedback from their listeners, and ideas for improving women's church experiences. This is a great podcast for LDS women. However, it is also a good podcast for LDS men to better understand women's experiences, and appreciate the contributions they bring to our local congregations. I encourage all our listeners to subscribe to and share their podcast. It’s awesome. Thanks, Cynthia and Susan, for being on the podcast and all your great work!