Episode 370: Bradley Talbot, Gay Latter-Day Saint, RM, BYU Student

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Bradley Talbot, Winnipeg Canada RM and former EFY teacher, shares his story as a gay Latter-Day Saint. Bradley talks about his desire to stay in the Church, close with God, marry a man, and together raise a family having family night, attending Church and reading the Book of Mormon. Bradley is graduating in Psychology and hopes for a career in criminal psychology. Bradley is the founder of Color the Campus at BYU (see @colorthecampus on IG) to help bring more understanding and support for LGBTQ Latter-day Saints. Thank you Bradley for sharing your story. It helps us come together as the same human family and better support each other. You are a good man with a wonderful future. Thanks for helping to make our world a better place. ** Please Check Out My New Book At: ** Deseret Book: www.deseretbook.com/p/listen-learn-and-love-embracing-lgbtq-latter-day-saints Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/1462135773