Bonus - Sir Thomas Fairfax by CavalierCast

Pax Britannica: A History of the British Empire show

Summary: In this episode, CavalierCast host Mark Turnbull speaks to 3 expert guests about the overshadowed Sir Thomas Fairfax, General of Parliament's New Model Army. Professor Andrew Hopper, Colonel Nick Lipscombe and MJ Logue discuss why he isn't better remembered, along with: Fairfax's family, military experience and the events he shaped. Reasons behind his appointment as General of the New Model Army. How instrumental he was in Parliament's ultimate victory. His 300 poems and poetic side. To find out more about the civil war, you can read various articles relating to it on my blog: Please do subscribe to CavalierCast! You can keep on touch with the host on Twitter (@1642author) and Facebook ( Learn more about your ad choices. Visit