Episode 357: Adam Baker, RM, Age 29, Gay Latter-day Saint

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Adam Baker (Masters degree as a Physicians Assistant from Idaho State University)shares his story as a gay Latter-day Saint. Adam talks about life before his successful mission in Wisconsin (including being hyper-religion to overcome being gay), getting a degree at BYU-Idaho, and starting to come out to roommates and family members. Adam talks about learning to accept this part of himself (partly by working with great therapists like Cameron Staley) as a gift from God, eliminating shame---which helped him stop the suicidal ideation that was part of his journey for a few years. Adam has a strong relationship with his Heavenly Father and the Savior. Adam also has a testimony that Jesus is at the head of our Church. Adam shares his hope to marry a man, have a family, desire to fully participate in and contribute to the Church he loves and supports. You can find Adam on IG @adambakeridaho Thanks for being on the podcast Adam. You are a great man. Our Church and world are better with you part of it. You have a great life ahead of you! ** Please check out my new Book** Deseret Book: www.deseretbook.com/p/listen-learn-and-love-embracing-lgbtq-latter-day-saints Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/1462135773