Episode 363: Valerie Nicole Green, Transgender Woman, Latter-day Saint

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Valerie Nicole Green shares her 50 year journey with gender dysphoria leading to transitioning over the past few years. Valerie, who is a widow with 5 children and 6 grandchildren, talks about how her local congregation is helping her feel welcome and loved. Valerie is one of the founders and co-chairs of Emmas LGBTQ Ministry (check out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/emmauslgbtq) a place for Latter-day LGBTQ members and allies. If you are transgender or a parent of a transgender or non-binary child, please listen to this podcast. It will help you! If you are one of my transgender friends, this podcast will also help you along your path and know that our Heavenly Parents love you and will give your personal revelation. ** Please Check Out My New Book At: ** Deseret Book: www.deseretbook.com/p/listen-learn-and-love-embracing-lgbtq-latter-day-saints Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/1462135773