Nintendo Shack 164 - Indie World & Calamity Spoilers

The Nintendo Shack show

Summary: Greetings Koopalings, The SHACK is BACK!! This week was our final live recording of Nintendo Shack in 2020 as we have a special episode set to release for you next week over the holidays! This week’s show we chat about that Immortals Fenyx Rising, Nintendo’s Indie Direct, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, the Bravely Default II Demo, Sephiroth in Smash and more. AT THE END - shortly after the 1:07:00 mark, we discuss spoilers for Age of Calamity including our final thoughts on the story, the timeline, post game content and more. Much thanks to our wonderful Patreon Producers - Edwin Calo, Barry Cathcart, Hayley Nicole Miller, Chris M., Justin Pickerd, Kyle Haiman, Nick Metzger, Devin Tyus, Delvin Cox, Grrouchie Serge, Justin Pickerd, Ryan Craig, Paul Callicoat, Joel Voss / Prof Switch, Sean Capri, Mo "CoachMo" Mahoney, Robert (Navillus) Sullivan, Josh Bornbone, Ashley Borbone, Rudedays93, Quauhtli “the Loborican” Olivieri, Michael Masek, Zach Bradshaw, Nick Faulhaber, Ben Moxham, Rob Emanuel & Kyle “the Pug” Richards! Consider supporting the show at Remember you can follow us @ShackLife on Twitter Visit our discord at Shack Life t-shirts now available at