06_ O King of Nations, The O Antiphons

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Summary: "In a word, the kingdom of God is the manifestation and the realization of God’s plan of salvation in all its fullness. The kingdom of God is not a concept, a doctrine, or a program subject to free interpretation, but is before all else a person with the face and name of Jesus of Nazareth, the image of the invisible God" (Redemptoris Missio, 15, 23).<br> The kingdom you live for is the kingdom you're building. The kingdom you're building is the kingdom you experience. If you're not experiencing peace in an area of your life (domain), you are being influenced by the enemy and are unconsciously allowing him to steal your rightful domain. "For the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy" (Rom 14:17). <br>  <br> <br> <br> Thank you to my newest Friends of the Show, Robert J; Julie N; and Ellie T, for loving and lifting me! Friends of the Show get all Premium Content!<br> <br> LOVE the Word® is a Bible study method based on Mary's own practice: lectio without the Latin. Get the book based on Sonja's method in the right margin, How to Pray Like Mary.<br> L - Listen (Receive the Word via audio or video.)<br> <br>  <br> O - Observe (Connect the passage to your life and recent events.)<br> Enthronement of Christ as King in every area (domain) of our lives is the task of every Christian, and the reason we are here on earth at all. We cannot spread Christ's Kingdom to others if we have not enthroned Him ourselves. <br> <br> By default, if Jesus is not king in any domain of my life, the enemy is. In and through Christ, I have authority over my body, mind, soul, and spirit, and all that is under my earthly authority. Where have I allowed the enemy to steal my domain? Where am I functioning from fear rather than love? Where does unforgiveness lurk in my mind and heart? How do negative thoughts and emotions torment me? <br> V - Verbalize (Pray about your thoughts and emotions.)<br> Remembering that He loves you and that you are in His presence, talk to God about the particulars of your O – Observe step. You may want to write your reflections in your LOVE the Word® journal. Or, get a free journal page and guide in the right-hand margin. OR:<br> V - Visualize (Pray in pictures)<br> Do the visualization technique outlined in segment #4 of the show. If you need or want more detail, use the short ebook that contains the science behind the technique and step-by-step instructions. This technique is used in cancer treatment all over the world; I modified it to be distinctly Christian so we can clearly invite the Holy Spirit into our visualizations and healing. <br> E - Entrust (May it be done to me according to your word!)<br> <br> O King of Nations, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Amen +<br> O Rex Gentium, by the Dominican student brothers at Blackfriars in Oxford singing the Latin plainchant:<br>  <br> These are the traditional “O Antiphons” associated with each night to which they are assigned.  Each one addresses Christ by a different title, based upon the Messianic prophesies in the Book of Isaiah.  Most people are familiar with these titles from the hymn, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, which is based upon the O Antiphons:<br> <br> Dec 17: O Sapientia (O Wisdom),<br> Dec 18:  O Adonai (O Lord),<br> Dec 19:  O Radix Jesse (O Root of Jesse),<br> Dec 20:  O Clavis David (O Key of David),<br> Dec 21:  O Oriens (O Rising Sun),<br> Dec 22:  O Rex Gentium (O King of the Nations), and<br> Dec 23:  O Emmanuel (O God with Us).<br> <br> The first letter of each Messianic title, read from Dec. 23 backwards, spells “ero cras,” or “Tomorrow, I come,” which is fitting, since the next night is the Christmas Vigil.<br> Resources<br> An ebook containing the science behind the visualization technique shared in the show, and a written "How To" for practicing it, is here. <br>