The Cosmick Voice Episode 10 "Explore Every Avenue!"

The Cosmick Voice with Chris Natalini & Mick Michaels show

Summary: <p><strong>The Cosmick Voice Episode 10 "Explore Every Avenue!"<br> </strong><em><strong>Hosted by Chris Natalini &amp; Mick Michaels</strong></em><em><br> </em><br> The guys answer another listener questions about diverse avenues to get your music heard<br> <br> Like us on <strong>Facebook</strong> at <a href="//"> Sanctuary</a><br> Hear more podcasts at <a href="//"></a><br> <br> Read stellar artists interviews at <strong>The Cosmick View</strong> at w<a href="//"></a><br> Like on <strong>Facebook</strong> at <a href="//"></a><br> <br> <em>Have a question or show suggestion?<br> Want to advertise on the show?</em><br> Contact <strong>The Cosmick Voice</strong> for details</p>