#23 - Aligning design and business needs in unique ways - with Priyama Barua

Users First - a UX Design Podcast show

Summary: Priyama is an enthusiastic designer and strategist who is been working at Mad POW as the Experience Strategy Director. She came to speak with Alessio about her experience designing for newcomers, and what we can do to make users interact with products and services seamlessly. Priyama also kindly tells us what the role of a strategist is, and how she lines up research and design with business needs, through her proven methodologies. Topics we cover in this episode: ✔️ How we can improve design for newcomers ✔️ Most affected industries affected financially by bad design ✔️ How to work in collaboration with clients, while aligning business needs and design ✔️ The role of a strategist ✔️ Favourite methodologies to define users journeys