Old Man Creepin' and a Barbaric "Brad"

Unsolicited Advice with Ashley and Taryne show

Summary: Today's episode is all about awful people acting in exceptionally awful ways. Whether it's an inappropriate older man who should assuredly know better, or a teenage "Brad" who is definitely "Bradding" up his school, our stories today illustrate one common lesson: we all need to be much kinder to each other. Period. To check out our first-ever UA MERCH: https://bit.ly/unsolicitedadvicemerchandise Stay informed, stay safe, and stay healthy out there, folks! To watch our podcast videos on YouTube: http://bit.ly/UAPodcastYouTube  To send us your questions/stories, email us at: AdviceUnsolicitedPod@gmail.com  Be sure to follow us on Instagram: @UnsolicitedAdvicePod Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices