The Cosmick Voice Episode 4 "Don't Sell Yourself Short"

The Cosmick Voice with Chris Natalini & Mick Michaels show

Summary: <p><strong>The Cosmick Voice Episode 4 "Don't Sell Yourself Short"<br> </strong><em><strong>with hosts Chris Natalini and Mick Michaels</strong></em><br> <br> On this episode, the guys welcome their first guest, <strong>James Pera</strong>, bass player of <strong>Corners of Sanctuary</strong> and discuss strategies for selling yourself as an artist or band.<br> <strong><br> Like Us on Facebook</strong> at<br> <a href="//"></a><br> <br> Like<strong> The Cosmick View</strong> on<strong> Facebook</strong> at<br> <a href="//"></a><br> <br> Read great artist interviews at<br> <a href="//"></a><br> <br> Want to have a question answered or have your business promoted on<strong> The Cosmick Voice</strong>?  Contact us for details</p>