Cosmuck & Junk "Are Blasting Off" Show Trailer

The Cosmick Voice with Chris Natalini & Mick Michaels show

Summary: <p><strong>Muck and Junk</strong> have joined the flight crew of<strong> The Cosmick Voice </strong>and been given the midnight watch.<br> <br> Tune in as these two alien, cosmic clowns volley an array of incoherent banter back and forth about their pet peeves in the world of music...and just about anything else they can think of...<br> <br> Take a trip into the somewhat cosmically insane as <strong>Muck and Junk Blast Off</strong>!<br> <br> Like <strong>The Cosmick Voice</strong> on <strong>Faceboo</strong>k at <a href="//"></a></p>