10 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming Muslim And Converting To Islam. Muslim Convert Story (USA

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Summary: About Us: https://untoislam.com Podcast: https://untoislam.com/podcast Submit A Question: https://untoislam.com/questions Sign-Up Free Courses: https://untoislam.com/free-course Sponsor|Donate|Support|Help Us: https://untoislam.com/donate Hosted by Adee Simon Macdowell. In this episode Kaighla explains how she did not have a good experience of converting to Islam. You will benefit by learning from her mistakes. Did you know that some people have such a bad experience of converting to Islam that they leave the religion all-together? Listen to this episode so you don't become one of them. Learn that not all Muslims are perfect and some have faults. This will help you so you can enter Islam with realistic expectations of what might happen. Avoid these common mistakes and learn Kaighla's theory of converting to Islam in a slow, natural and sustainable way so you can be successful in what will be a lifetime journey after you become Muslim. Kaighla is 33 years old and is from Danville Illinois. She converted to Islam in 2008, that was 12 years ago. She is an author, editor and teacher. Links: The New Muslim's Field Guide https://untoislam.com/books--new-muslims-field-guide Things That Shatter https://untoislam.com/books--things-that-shatter Love The Converts Podcast https://untoislam.com/love-the-converts