#19 - The impact of design in Health - with Adam Rotmil

Users First - a UX Design Podcast show

Summary: Adam is design and product lead at AstraZeneca, one of the world’s foremost bio pharmaceutical companies, and he is also a former interaction design leader at Fjord, a global design firm with 27 studios and over 1,000 design professionals. Today we’ll talk about how Adam can turn ideas into life-changing medicines and digital products that improve patients’ lives and benefit society, and we'll also touch base on his past experiences in the design industry, mentoring, teaching, volunteering, and much more. Adam is a volunteering mentor at ADP List with InVision, and at UX coffee, where he co-leads the Black solidarity initiative, and he is also a product design teacher at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Adam has decided to open his own Podcast and share other people's journeys in a Podcast called “ Still iterating” where he chats about mentorship, growth, and design trends with other amazing people. Enjoy this episode! You can listen to Adam's Podcast here: https://www.stilliterating.com/ You can visit's Adam blog and his contribution to Design at: https://adam.design/