Nikki Goeser and Robyn Sandoval - Season II, Episode XXXVII

Meet The Pressers show

Summary: This episode features 2 amazing women who are both part of the DC Project and dedicated defenders of Liberty: Nikki Goeser and Robyn Sandoval. Nikki is a Tennessee Delegate of the DC Project, the Executive Director of the Crime Prevention Research Center, and the author of "Stalked and Defenseless". Robyn is the Texas Director of DC Project, Executive Director of A Girl and A Gun, and a "converted" anti-gunner who is now one of nations leading 2A advocates. There will be special message about the 2020 Election from Kim Stolfer, President of Firearms Owners Against Crime, and Matt presents a "Corny" video in response to a video made by Jerry Miculek. We hope you like the show and agree that it is must see Internet! Please like, comment, share, and most definitely subscribe ( and click the bell so you know when our next episode is uploaded. You can also listen to the audio only podcast version of the show on Google Play Music, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and all of the other major platforms. More info on our podcast and how to support the channel, visit: OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT/SALK US: Merch Store: YouTube: Patreon: Amazon: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: SHOW SPONSORS: Public Safety and Education (PS&Ed): Trigger Pressers Union: MantisX: USCCA: NextLevel Training: McLean T1 Ammunition: Common Sense Self-Defense Street Combat – Bram Frank: Sabre Red: ASP: Use MTP15 for 15% off Cutting Edge Bullets: Custom Poker Chip Company: Shooter Technology Group: Safer Faster Defense: Henry Repeating Arms: Kahr Firearms Group: DISCLAIMER: Our videos are educational and entertainment based. ANY use or replication of what we do is solely AT YOUR OWN RISK. It could be dangerous! If you do, do what we do, we are not liable for what happens, because we told you so!